GGT Talk – Game Reveals + Demos to Look Forward to at E3 2018

E3 is coming!!!! Batten down the hatches! Give a wide berth! Three sheets to the wind! Anchors in your …timbers-plank?! Get your gunwales out! …And um, and other ill-combined nautical terms, I say!

…Lol sorry, I got excited (and maybe thinking about Sea of Thieves updates made me a little loopy). ANYWAY, as this very corny intro suggests, this week we’re talking about what to expect from E3, so have a listen below at about the 90-minute mark, and get hyped!

(If the links above don’t work, listen to our segment right on our website here):

As always, you’ll want to check out the show from the start, because GHR knows just what you want to hear! This week, the GHR gang is joined in studio by the James/Unabia clan – Matt James, Halina James and Claire Unabia of America’s Next Top Model and most recently, Juliet on Westworld. Also, European Rocket Scientist, Bernard H. Foing joins the fray before the crew is joined by Legendary voice actor, ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ himself – Marty Grabstein and much more! Don’t miss it!

And if you’re into reading (please say yes — give us all hope for the next generation LOL), then please also check out the reference article from VG247, which has even more info:

E3 2018: what games will PlayStation, Nintendo and Xbox show?

Get tickets for E3, which is happening from June 12-14 in Los Angeles, here:

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