Hey there. Welcome to GamesGeeksTech.com. 😀

Soooo, how did this all come about?

Well, my name’s Adesina; I’m an artist, tech expert, gamer & TV host in NYC. I started this site because I love sharing the latest funny, surprising and awesome news & memes about video games and consumer technology; because I meet so many cool fellow geeks that deserve to be featured; and because as a geek myself, I felt the need to develop an entire site dedicated to same. Yup.

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Thanks for the visit and here is a very misshapen squirrel:

{`  `’-.
{              \      (\._
{              |  /      o’.
`}        /.`’.___.’
{        .’  ,    \_/`\
}    /`_      ‘-.  ‘=/
{    .’          `\;`’`
{  ;              /_