GGT Talk – Violent Video Games, Smartphone Gaming + Amazon Deals

Greetings GGT brethren and sistren (<– yes that’s a word, I looked it up 😉 )! This week’s Games Geeks Tech Talk hath arriveth, and this time around, we are fired up over the debate about violent video games (hint: they don’t have the effects some may think), we give you the scoop on how you can play PC games on your mobile device, and Amazon Prime Day deals that made us YAY!

Come and give it a listen — our segment starts around the 95 minute mark.

As always, you’ll want to check out the show from the start, because GHR knows just what you want to hear! This week, Brim, Kim, Zambo and Tom are back at it again! PNG speaks with an OG GLOW Girl Roxy Astor, and they speak with their friend Nicholas Brendon with a multitude of topics and much more! Don’t miss it!

BTW, here are links to the stories we discussed:


Huffington Post article
Journal of Youth and Adolescence (Academic Paper)


LiquidSky on Google Play

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