Play as a Pigeon in Battlefield 1

Hey GGT-ers! Quick little mid-week post for ya ;).

As you know, Battlefield 1 is out this week: the Deluxe Edition was released yesterday, and the rest of us get to play on Friday, on Xbox One, PS4 & PC. We’ll be chatting more about our reaction on tomorrow’s Games Geeks Tech Talk (listen here every Thursday at 6pm EST!), but for now, we just wanted to point out one quirky little element: Did you know you can play as a pigeon?

Yes, and not for the whole game lol, but for a short moment in the single player campaign, you take charge of a carrier pigeon. Check out the video:

Pretty sweet. Little break-away segments like this definitely keep the game interesting.

Thanks for reading & chat with you guys tomorrow on the GGT Talk!


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