GGT Talk Ep 16 – RIP Note 7, HoloLens Brain Surgery + Westworld

Yay! It’s the GGT Talk on The Grindhouse Radio! This week, we finally lay the Samusung Galaxy Note 7 to rest, find out how neurosurgeons are utilizing Microsoft HoloLens, and chat about how Westworld brings open-world games like GTA 5 to the TV screen.

Check us out at around the 90-minute mark here:

Thanks for the listen!

10/20/16 Update: Here are some visuals for each of our stories.


As we mentioned, the return packaging for the Note 7 is intense! Check out this video from XDA Developers:


It’s only on a dummy and the music is…well, you’ll see lol, but loving the innovation; check it out!:


We only mentioned The Verge’s article briefly, but it’s really worth the read:

And here’s a link to watch Westworld for yourself:

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