Spotify’s new category’s got Game

It’s kind of a like a set of mix-tapes made with love from your bff, except your bff is Spotify, and the songs? — All favorites from video game soundtracks, as well as curated playlists that are perfect for your next gaming sesh.

Yes, Spotify is fulfilling all of our video game music needs with a brand new category, and the playlists are not only created by Spotify, but also by the community & guests from the gaming world.

Here are a couple we really enjoyed:

Guest List: GamesBeat
This is the real stuff — the soundtracks you love that really take you back, including the theme from Super Mario Brothers! Yesh.

Rock Gaming:
Gaming or not, this is a playlist for all time, with widely varied tracks from Metallica, System of a Down, Paramore, and countless others. A little something for every gaming rocker \m/.

Check out the rest of the playlists on Spotify: and let us know which are your faves!

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