GGT Talk – Crazy Gaming Bundles, SNES Classic + Video Game Rehab

Hello GGT Family! The Games Geeks Tech Talk is here once again, and this week we’re uncovering a crazy Gaming bundle that tastes delicious (!), we update you on trying to preorder the SNES Classic, and we share how one rehabilitation center is using video games to help patients with Parkinson’s.

Let’s do this! Tune in at the 89 minute mark for our segment:

But you’ll want to tune in from the very beginning, because this week, Brim, Kim, Zambo and Tom celebrate Brimstones 43rd Birthday! Woohoo!

And did you know that you can also catch the GGT Talk on Youtube? Aw yeah! Here you go:


Update 8/29/17:

As promised, here are links to everything we discussed:

Dominos Australia Pizza & Gaming Bundle

Nintendo will produce significantly more SNES Classics than they did the NES Classic (article here)


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