GGT Talk – Kids + Tech, with Chloe Taylor of Tech Fort Greene

Hey GGT-Team! So excited about the latest edition of the Games Geeks Tech Talk, featuring our very special guest: STEM curriculum developer and educator, Chloe Taylor, who is the Founder of Tech Fort Greene day camp in Brooklyn, New York!

Chloe really gave us the skinny on why it’s important to get kids into technology early, with coding, robotics, and other hands-on activities.

Watch the FULL Interview below, on our YouTube channel:


You can also listen to the teaser below on GHR, at about the 90-minute mark:

As always, you’ll want to check out the show from the start, because Brim, Kim, Zambo and Tom are back at it again! Quinton Flynn flies by to tease Kim, and they speak with the Drummer of Winger and Dixie Dreggs; Rod Morgenstein and much more! Don’t miss it!

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