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The Brodie Kingslogo-brodie-kings

Got Memes? The Brodie Kings do! If you like our Instagram page, chances are, you’ve liked a meme provided by The Brodie Kings, a family of gamers who YOU need to know. But they’re not just memes; they have so much more! So check out their Facebook group and see what the awesome is about!


logo-ghrThe Grindhouse Radio

Best. Podcast. Ever. Every week the Grindhouse Radio hosts the Games Geeks Tech Talk, broadcasting out to 17 radio stations & 3-4 million listeners worldwide :). But that’s not all! Brim, Zambo & Kim are ALWAYS mixing things up; with pop culture news, amazing guests from the film, comic book & celebrity world, and plenty of laughs. Tune in Thursdays at 6pm EST!